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Discover all of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing in a hands-on, intimate digital marketing class. See why participants rave about Digital Marketing Training – get results and grow your skills with a comprehensive program.

Many business professionals, marketers and PR leaders don’t understand digital marketing – yet it is the highest growth area in business and one of the leading ways that businesses and organizations are transforming. Staying up to date on the latest marketing skills is vital to your career success. This Digital Marketing Workshop will cover everything you need to successfully create and execute a digital marketing strategy for your organization.

Course Outline

Digital Marketing Strategy

Prior to jumping into the tools, it is important to create a digital marketing strategy. We’ll cover:

• The size & importance of digital marketing

• Future trends in digital marketing – growth and future opportunities

• The steps to creating a digital marketing strategy

• Building a strategy from the ground up

• Integrating digital marketing into existing marketing plans.

Websites: Usability, Conversion Planning:

The website is the home-base for digital marketing, yet most businesses don’t spend time thinking about their website. This section will cover:

• The role of your website in your digital marketing strategy

• Elements of a successful website

• Usability and user-experience

• Conversion planning

• Conversion optimization

Website Analytics:

The website is the center of your digital marketing, so analyzing your website is a key component of measuring the success of your digital marketing.

• Key terms associated with website measurement (terminology + definitions)

• Analyzing the traffic to your website

• Differentiating between high quality and low quality traffic

• Understanding the behavior of website visitors

• Using analytics to drive insights and optimization

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the oldest and most important aspects of digital marketing. For many businesses, search engine optimization is among the biggest drivers of digital marketing return on investment. This section will cover:

• What SEO is and how search engines work

• Keyword analysis and optimization

• Ranking factors that drive sites to the top of search engines (and content marketing)

• Optimizing your site for search engines

• Off-site optimization for search engines

• Building your search engine optimization plan

Online Reputation Management:

Discover the power of online reputation management including review sites & creating a strong branded presence.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing remains one of the best and most effective ways to reach customers and drive action. While email marketing doesn’t receive a lot of attention, it is still one of the most powerful tools to drive return on investment.

• The role that email marketing plays in a digital marketing strategy

• Email marketing legal compliance

• Steps to building an effective email marketing campaign

• Email marketing optimization: List building, subject lines, driving action, best practices

• Email marketing analytics

Online Advertising:

Email marketing remains one of the best and most effective ways to reach customers and drive action. While email marketing doesn’t receive a lot of attention, it is still one of the most powerful tools to drive return on investment.

• Why digital ads are powerful

• How digital ads are purchased (CPC, CPM, Bidding systems)

• Terminology associated with digital advertising

• Retargeting, programmatic buying and advanced digital advertising features

• Types of digital advertising (what they are, how they work, when to use them, how to optimize):

– Search ads, display ads, video ads, social media ads, mobile ads

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing isn’t a silo in digital marketing – the reality is that we are marketing in a mobile world. This section will cover the core components of mobile to consider in your digital strategy:

• Mobile website optimization

• Mobile search

• Mobile ads

• Mobile email

• Mobile apps

• Mobile shoppers, future of mobile + trends

Managing Digital Campaigns:

Much of digital marketing is “always on” meaning that it is constantly running. That being said there are still digital campaigns that focus on specific marketing objectives. This section will focus on managing digital campaigns.

• Planning a digital campaign vs. ongoing digital marketing

• Harnessing the power of digital technology in integrated campaigns

• Steps to building integrated digital campaigns

Creating and Measuring a Digital Strategy:

We’ll wrap up by covering how to create a solid digital marketing strategy and measure the success of your efforts.

Social Media Overview:

Before diving into social media we’ll take a look at the size and scope of social media and how businesses are using social networks to drive results. We’ll discuss how social media fits into a successful marketing plan.

Social Media Strategy:

Successful social media marketing starts with strategy. This section will cover the proven steps to building a social media strategy that gets results. We’ll focus on the first 4 steps below (the others will be covered throughout the training)

1 Listening and assessing the landscape

Discover the top social listening tools that you can use to inform your social media strategy.

2 Defining your marketing strategies

Identifying achievable marketing strategies is the key to your social media marketing success. Learn how to build actionable strategies and objectives that maximize your business results.

3 Identifying your target audience

A clear target audience will improve your success in social media – learn how to clearly define the audiences that you want to reach.

4 Creating your content strategy

Content is the key to social media success. Many businesses fail in social media because they lack a clear content strategy that both grows their business and resonates with their target audience. Create a clear content strategy that can be implemented across social networks.

Social Media Best Practices:

We’ll cover best practices that apply across social networks and drive better results in your social media marketing. This section will set you up for success! In this section we’ll cover:

• Implementation best practices

• Commenting/response strategy and how to deal with both negative and positive comments

• Content optimization tips that apply across social networks

Social Networks:

Next, we’ll provide a framework to use to choose which social networks are your best investment. For each social network we’ll cover:

• How the network works

• How big it is

• Who uses it

• How businesses use it (with examples and case studies)

• Setting up your business on the network

• Best practices

• Tips, tricks & optimization

Social Networks (Continued):

The following social networks will be covered in-depth:

• Facebook

• Twitter

• LinkedIn

• Blogging

• Instagram

• Pinterest

• YouTube/Video Marketing

We’ll also provide an overview and top-level discussion of how businesses are using other social networks including: SnapChat, Tumblr, Vine, Periscope/Meerkat, Google+, Slideshare, Flickr, discussion forums, review sites and more.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:

Improve your results and ROI (return on investment) by improving your efficiency and effectiveness in social media marketing. This section will help participants take their success to the next level with actionable tools, strategies and tips to get more from their approach including:

• Visual Social Marketing: Creating powerful visuals to support your strategy

• Tools to Drive Success: Using tools to get more from your social media implementation (and how to choose the right tools)

• Creating Workflows: Creating social media workflows using proven tools to stay focused on what counts

• Time Management: Managing your time to maximize your results and improve your return on investment

• Strategies for Success: Strategies that will help you stay focused and improve your results

Measuring Social Media:

• Measuring social media is absolutely vital to driving results from social media.

• Measurement and reporting tools (and when you need them)

• Analyzing the results of your efforts

• Adapting your strategy to improve results

• Choosing KPIs to judge your success

• Calculating ROI

Getting Started Successfully:

As we close the session, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to successfully implement your social media strategy. This section will include:

• Choosing where to start

• Putting together your work process (daily, weekly, monthly)

• Prioritizing your next steps


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