Oracle 12c OCP Database Training

Oracle Database 12c OCP DBA certification provides advanced level expertise in administering Oracle databases while gaining deep understanding of underlying architecture and internal workings of this latest version of Oracle database 12c deployment. The Oracle Certified Professional Database credential in this latest version of Oracle Database 12c will help professionals confirm their advanced skills in complete database management and maintenance.

Course Content

  • Managing the performance of pluggable databases and multitenant container databases
  • Configuring resource manager for sharing resources between and within a multitenant container database and a pluggable database
  • Implementing unified auditing
  • Making use of SQL*Loader and Oracle Data Pump in pluggable databases
  • Monitoring the operations and performance of multitenant container database and pluggable database
  • Completely understand the multitenant architecture
  • Creating multitenant container databases from scratch
  • Creating pluggable databases using various prescribed techniques
  • Plugging a non-CDB into a multitenant container database
  • Administering the storage structures of multitenant container databases and pluggable databases
  • Creating and administering user accounts
  • Performing specific operations such as Oracle Data Pump loading, transportation, auditing, and encryption
  • Managing local and common user privileges and roles
  • Configuring backup and recovery operations for pluggable databases and multitenant container databases
  • Managing storage and security for pluggable databases and multitenant container databases