Top 10 Certification Trainings

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ITIL 4 Foundation Training

The most well-known framework for IT service management in the world, ITIL®, places a renewed emphasis on value-driven activities and the optimization of IT services.  Through active exercises, you will be instructed from course material that has been accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS with the goal of familiarizing you with the ITIL® Guiding Principles, the Four Dimensions of Service Management, and the Service Value Chain that ensures you will pass your exam on the first try.

ITIL 4 Foundation introduces participants to the Service Value System (SVS), which outlines how all of the organization’s components and activities work together as a system to create value. With a flexible value-oriented operating model, the ITIL SVS supports numerous work techniques, including Agile, DevOps, and Lean, as well as traditional process and project management.

  1. Understand the keyconcepts of service management
  2. Understand how the ITILguiding principles can help an organization adopt and adapt service management
  3. Understand the four dimensions of service management
  4. Understand the purpose and components of the ITILservice value system
  5. Understand the activities of the service value chain, and how they interconnect
  6. Know the purpose and keyterms of 15 ITIL practices
  7. Understand 7 ITIL practices
  • Reduced your training costs
  • Improve your ability to manage business risks such as service disruption or failure.
  • Keep track of performance metrics for benchmarking and planning.
  • Reduce duplicate effort and maximize resource use.
  • Improve your understanding of IT costs and assets.
  • Experience third-party service delivery improvement.

You can book an ITIL Foundation certification exam in two ways: directly on PeopleCert’s website ( or through your certified training course provider.

Training Cost:  ₦20,000

(Weekdays): Batch A:  11th Jan 2023

                           Batch B: 23rd Jan 2023

(Weekends):  January  Start Date:  14ht Jan 2023

ISTQB Training

Implementing strategies to detect flaws in a developed product might be part of software testing. It is a critical phase before the product is released to the market. It entails examining, analyzing, observing, and evaluating many aspects of a product. It also determines whether or not the actual results match the projected results. With the introduction of increasingly complex IT systems, software testing is becoming increasingly valuable within enterprises. There are three levels of software testing: ISTQB Software Testing Foundation, ISTQB Advanced Level, and ISTQB Agile Foundation Extension.

Our award-winning ISTQB Foundation course is built utilizing highly interactive learning methodologies that are supported by substantial research in planning and developing content, so that learners may benefit from unique content that is exclusive to J-Prime’s learners. We train and develop highly qualified software managers, the majority of whom go on to work on large-scale enterprise projects and command the industry’s highest wages.

  1.  ISTQB Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of Testing
  3. Testing Throughout the SDLC
  4. Dynamic Testing
  5. Test Management
  6. Difference (Vs)
  1. Reduce software defects, coding errors, and software bugs.
  2. Build cost savings and ROI.
  3. Gain global acceptance.
  4. Improve employee motivation and retention.
  5. Speed and improve software development.
  6. Build a path for software QA skills development.
  7. Improve cost-effectiveness.
  8. Meet software quality labor needs through upskilling.
  9. Gain trust.
ISTQB Exam Fees: ISTQB Foundation Level exam is $229 USD.
ISTQB Training Fees: ISTQB Foundation Training Cost ₦25,000 

(Weekdays):    January Start Date:  16th Jan 2023

(Weekends):   January Start Date:  14th Jan 2023

PMP Training

This Project Management Professional (PMP)® Training Course will help you build your project management self-efficacy and delivery methodologies, allowing you to become a competent Project Manager across a wide range of projects, regardless of size, scope, or budget. For Project Managers wishing to improve their skills, The J-Prime is recognized as a Market Leader. Our extremely entertaining instructors will walk you through the whole PMP® Exam preparation process. Which ensures you pass your exam on the first try.

We provide training solutions to corporations, government agencies, public sector organizations, international corporations, and private individuals. Our subject matter experts have extensive industry knowledge and understand how to make their topics interesting in order to produce a memorable and valuable learning experience. Our hardworking staff works tirelessly to deliver in-house training to clients who prefer the ease and comfort of working in their familiar settings.

  1. Introduction: Project Management
  2.  Project Integration Management
  3.  Project Scope Management
  4.  Project Schedule Management
  5.  Project Cost Management
  6.  Project Quality Management
  7.  Project Resource Management
  8.  Project Communication Management
  9.  Project Risk Management
  10.  Project Procurement Management
  11.  Project Stakeholder Management
  1. You will be recognized as an experienced professional
  2. You will speak the right language
  3. You will enhance your career opportunities
  4. You will learn new skills
  5. You will earn more money

PMP exam fees for computer-based testing (CBT) are: $405 for PMI members. Non-PMI members pay $555. Renewal fees for PMI members are $60 (N28, 800) and $150 (N72, 000) for non-PMI members.

PMP training for this promo period is  ₦40,000 

(Weekdays):    January Start Date: 16th Jan 2023

(Weekends):     January Start Date: 14th Jan 2023

Digital Marketing & Web Design

What are you waiting for? Enroll in our website design and digital marketing course right away if you want to start learning about web design and the fundamentals of online marketing. We've included a variety of topics in this course, including the fundamentals of WordPress, domain registration, Google analytics, and Google Ads, as well as some links to further resources for more in-depth knowledge of each component. For all participants, this course is intended to have a significant impact and be very engaging.

As businesses become more flexible, data-driven, and ROI-focused, digital technologies are altering the potential and practice of marketing. Whether you are a marketing executive or a general manager, this course will immerse you in important marketing ideas and tactics that will allow you to establish and maintain a competitive advantage in your marketing and business. By building an integrated marketing plan that integrates proven marketing paradigms with the latest innovations, you will emerge with advanced skills to deliver greater value for customers and more business growth.

  1. Web Design Fundamentals
  2. How to get own Donain name
  3. Overview of cpanel
  4. WordPress Installation
  5. Full wordpress and woocommerce design
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Google ADs
  1. Save money on marketing.
  2. Show off your artistic abilities.
  3. Learn the abilities that employers look for.
  4. Allows you to work from anywhere.
  5. Opportunities for Freelance Work.
  6. Work in an Amazing Tech Company.
  7. Opportunities for Professional Development.
  8. A creative and enjoyable field.

Web Design and Digital Marketing  training for this promo period is  ₦35,000 ($60)

(Weekdays):     January Start Date:  9th Jan 2023

(Weekends):    January Start Date: 7th Jan 2023

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

Microsoft (AZ-104) Azure Administrator Certification is one of Microsoft's most well recognized credentials for professionals globally. Participants in this course will obtain a thorough understanding of Azure subscription management, identity security, virtual networking configuration, network traffic management, and other topics. This Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) course is designed for Azure Administrators who monitor, administer, and configure virtual networks in the cloud.

The AZ-104 exam assesses your understanding of five subject areas, and we’ve built this Learning Path in the same way. We’ll begin with Azure identity and governance management. Following that, we’ll look at implementing and managing storage, such as Azure Storage and Azure File Sync. You will then learn how to deploy and manage compute resources. Following that, we’ll look at configuring and managing enterprise-class virtual networks. Finally, we’ll go over monitoring and backing up Azure resources.

Module 1: Module 1: Identity
Module 2: Governance and Compliance
Module 3: Azure Administration
Module 4: Virtual Networking
Module 5: Intersite Connectivity
Module 6: Network Traffic Management
Module 7: Azure Storage
Module 8: Azure Virtual Machines
Module 9: Serverless Computing
Module 10: Data Protection & Monitoring

  1. Create your company cloud infrastructure as an Azure Administrator.
  2. Begin your Microsoft Azure Certifications journey with AZ-104 training.
  3. Expert instructors and hands-on labs will help you pass the AZ-104 test.
  4. With the highly renowned Microsoft Azure AZ-104 certification, you may become a global professional.

$80 USD* (Nigerians) Price varies depending on the country or region where the exam is proctored.

Training fee for this promo period is ₦30,000

(Weekdays):   Call to make enquiry

(Weekends):   Call to make enquiry

AWS Solution Architect Associate

Amazon Web Services is a global leader in the provision of cloud-based services to organizations worldwide. Adopting AWS is currently one of the most significant strategic initiatives for enterprises all over the world in order to stay competitive. In this context, Amazon has established AWS training and certification programs. AWS certified employees are in high demand globally right now. With this in mind, J-Prime has carefully developed AWS certification training at various levels to help participants obtain a deep understanding of AWS capabilities through interactive instructor-led course delivery.

This certification Learning Path is created exclusively to prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02) exam. This learning path contains the knowledge needed to master the test blueprint’s domains. You will be directed through this learning route through our courses, hands-on labs, including some lab challenges and preparatory exam, all of which are focused on topics that will be assessed within the exam.

Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures 

Domain 2: Design High-Performing Architectures 

Domain 3: Design Secure Applications and Architectures 

Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures 

  • Making plans for the future…
  • New opportunities for professional development…
  • Obtain recognition for your work.
  • Display your levels of dedication.
  • AWS certification is not difficult to obtain.
  • A higher salary…
  • Opportunities to broaden one’s professional network…
  • More projects are welcome!

Exam cost for AWS (SAA-C02) is $150

Training fee for this promo period is ₦30,000 ($50)

(Weekdays):   Call to make enquiry

(Weekends):   Call to make enquiry

Microsoft MS- Excel

This comprehensive Excel certification course is ideal for both new Excel users and those who have been away from Excel for a long period. In fact, we recommend that all students come for this training course. By the end of this Excel lesson, you will have proficient understanding of Microsoft Excel.

Participants will become acquainted with MS Office Excel’s basic, intermediate, and advanced features and applications in order to facilitate daily work. Topics will be changed to accommodate your training needs and timetable.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will get familiar with MS-Excel
  • Learn the different kinds of data you can work with in MS-Excel
  • Understand in-depth  formulas
  • Learn in-depth data analysis techniques like sorting, filtering …
  • Learn how to do major charting
  • Create conditional formatting for better reporting

Module 1

  • Getting Started with Excel
    Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface
    Navigate and Select Cells in Worksheets
    Customize the Excel Interface
    Create a Basic Worksheet
    Performing Calculations in an Excel Worksheet
    Create Formulas in a Worksheet
    Insert Functions in a Worksheet
    Reuse Formulas
    Modifying an Excel Worksheet
    Edit Worksheet Data
    Find and Replace Data
    Manipulate Worksheet Elements

Module 2

  •  Modifying the Appearance of a Worksheet 
    Apply Font Properties 
    Add Borders and Colors to Cells 
    Align Content in a Cell 
    Apply Number Formatting 
    Apply Cell Styles 
    Managing an Excel Workbook 
    Manage Worksheets 
    View Worksheets and Workbooks 
    Printing Excel Workbooks 
    Define the Page Layout 
    Print a Workbook
Module 3
  •  Managing Workbooks 
  • Using Workbook Views
    Selecting and Switching Between Worksheets 
  • Inserting and Deleting Worksheets 
  • Renaming, Moving, and Copying Worksheets 
  • Splitting and Freezing a Window 
  • Creating Headers and Footers 
  • Hiding Rows, Columns, Worksheets, and Windows
  • Setting the Print Area 
  • Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation 
  • Adding Print Titles, Gridlines, and Row and Column Headings 
  • Adjusting Paper Size and Print Scale 
  • Printing a Selection, Multiple Worksheets, and Workbooks Working with Multiple Workbook Windows 
  • Creating a Template
Module 4
  • More Functions and Formulas
    Formulas with Multiple Operators
    Inserting and Editing a Function
    Auto Calculate and Manual Calculation. 
    Defining Names. 
    Using and Managing Defined Names. 
    Displaying and Tracing Formulas.
    Understanding Formula Errors 
    Using Logical Functions (IF) 
    Using Financial Functions (PMT) 
    Using Database Functions (DSUM) 
    Using Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP) 
    User Defined and Compatibility Functions 
    Financial Functions 
    Date & Time Functions 
    Math & Trig Functions 
    Statistical Functions 
    Lookup & Reference Functions 
    Database Functions 
    Text Functions 
    Logical Functions 
    Information Functions 
  • Engineering and Cube Functions
Module 5
  •  Working with Data Ranges
    Sorting by One Column 
  • Sorting by Colors or Icons 
  • Sorting by Multiple Columns 
  • Sorting by a Custom List 
  • Filtering Data 
  • Creating a Custom AutoFilter 
  • Using an Advanced Filter 
  • Working with Tables 
  • Creating a Table 
  • Adding and Removing Data 
  • Working with the Total Row 
  • Sorting a Table 
  • Filtering a Table 
  • Removing Duplicate Rows of Data 
  • Formatting the Table 
  • Using Data Validation 
  • Summarizing a Table with a PivotTable 
  • Converting to a Range
  • Increasing Your Skill Set
    Increasing Your Productivity and Efficiency
    Making Yourself a More Valuable Company Employee
    Making You a Better Data Organizer
    It Has the Potential to Make Your Job Easier
    All of the data analysis tools
    Charts make it simple to visualize data.
    Reports are simple to print.
    There are so many free templates to choose from.
    You can program to automate
    Data transformation and cleaning
    Data containing millions of rows should be stored.

Training fee for this promo period is ₦12,000 

(Weekdays):    Batch A: 9th Jan 2023

                                Batch B: 23rd Jan 2023

(Weekends):   January Start Date: 7th Jan 2022

Learn Data Analytics

The field of data analytics is expanding quickly. In several industries, there is a growing demand for data analysts as more companies adopt a data-driven strategy. The capacity to comprehend and evaluate data is in high demand throughout industries, including Telecoms, Manufacturing, Education and Finance. Because of this, enrolling for a data analytics course can be the best option for you.

Learn how to use excel, power BI and other tolls to run your data analysis task.

With the help of the business intelligence and data visualization tool Power BI provide, you can create dynamic dashboards and analysis reports using data from numerous sources. With Power BI, users can easily generate their own reports and dashboards using a cloud-based service for interactive visualizations.

  • Module 1

    Decision-making under uncertainty

    Module 2

    Data visualisation and descriptive statistics

    Module 3

    Quantifying risk through probability

    Module 4

    Data integrity and statistical inference

    Module 5

    Evidence-based decisions

    Module 6

    Understanding the causes of things

    Module 7

    Time series forecasting

Data analytics’ main goal is to use statistical analysis and technology on data to identify trends and resolve issues. Enterprises now place a greater emphasis on data analytics as a way to better understand and shape business processes, as well as to enhance decision-making and financial performance.

Training fee for this promo period is ₦35,000 

(Weekdays):      January Start Date: 16th Jan 2023       

(Weekends):    January Start Date: 14th Jan 2022

Cisco CCNA Training

One of the top entry level IT networking certifications, the CCNA 200-301, was created by Cisco Systems specifically to improve, cultivate networking expertise, and assess an individual's IT and networking qualification.

With the help of our CCNA certificates, you will be able to install, configure, and maintain network equipment as well as adapt communication technologies, ensuring your transition into a skilled network and IT engineer. You will be able to interact with Cisco networking tools and environments effectively with the aid of our courses. 

This course will prepare you for the exam and make you exam-ready for achieving the (CCNA 200-301) certification.

Chapter 01 – Networking Fundamentals
Chapter 2 – Basic Ethernet LAN Implementation
Chapter 3 – Designing Ethernet LANs
Chapter 4 – Understanding IPv4
Chapter 5 – Implementing IPv4
Chapter 6 – IPv4 Design and Troubleshooting
Chapter 7 – IPv4 Services
Chapter 8 – Configuring IPv4 Routing Protocols
Chapter 9 – Implementing IPv6
Chapter 10 – Wireless LANs

Along with your CCNA certification, you will gain more understanding in Cisco Networking, which will help you advance in your job. When you become CCNA certified, you will understand the concept of networking principles. The CCNA certification by itself can open doors to new options in your profession. You can increase and negotiate a higher compensation than other IT professionals seeking for the same position after you are CCNA certified. Today’s networking world is expanding. SDN (Software-defined networking) and cloud technologies are among those in the horizon. These technologies are drastically altering the networking sector and providing new professional roles. As a result, your CCNA certification qualifies you for the new career responsibilities in the IT area.

Training fee for this promo period is ₦40,700 ($65)

(Weekdays):      January Start Date: 9th Jan 2023

(Weekends):     January Start Date: 14th Jan 2023

Learn CompTIA Security+

This CompTIA Security+ training course will teach you how to install and configure systems to secure applications, networks, and devices, as well as how to perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques, partake in risk mitigation activities, and operate with an understanding of applicable policies and laws.

This course is designed for students who want to take the CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam. Because security is important at all levels and job functions within an organization, the qualification will also help PC support analysts, application developers, and senior managers in accounting, sales, product development, and marketing.

  • Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities
  • Technologies and Tools
  • Architecture and Design
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Risk Management
  • Cryptography and PKI
  • Your Services Will be in Demand.
  • CompTIA Security+ is the Industry Standard.
  • No Prerequisites or Experience Required.
  • Work Anywhere in America.
  • Vendor-Neutral Approach Gives You Options. 
  • Perfect for Government Work.
  • Forces You to Stay Current.

Training fee for this promo period is ₦35,500 ($50)

(Weekdays):    January Start Date: 9th Jan 2023

(Weekends):     January Start Date: 7th Jan 2023

CompTIA Network Certification

CompTIA's Network+ certification verifies the holder's expertise in designing, creating, managing, and troubleshooting IT networks. It is a worldwide recognized, vendor-neutral networking certification.

This course will teach you the skills and information you need to become a CompTIA Network+ certified IT infrastructure professional.

This CompTIA Network+ Training course covers wireless and wired network management, mobility, virtualization, security, protocols, standards, and troubleshooting methods in preparation for the CompTIA Exam N10-008.

Module 1: Local Area Networks
Module 2: IP Addressing
Module 3: Internetworking
Module 4: Applications and Security
Module 5: Operations and Infrastructure

  • Prove Your Knowledge
  • Earn the Industry Standard
  • Get Your Foot in the Door
  • Make an Impact
  • Progress Along a Career Roadmap
  • Expect Success with CompTIA Network+ Certification

Training fee for this promo period is ₦34,090 ($59)

(Weekdays):  Call to Make Enquiry 

(Weekends):    Call to Make Enquiry 

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv12)

Ever wonder what it takes to become an ethical hacker? Ethical hacking is becoming popular skill with professionals working in cyber security, IT operations, and development It is simpler to identify the vulnerabilities in your own environment and to begin fortifying it by adopting the attacker's point of view. We wish to assist you in becoming familiar with the fundamentals of ethical hacking, information security, and the EC-Certified Council's Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, which is often the first step in a career in these fields.

Learn the best ethical hacking methods and strategies from professionals with actual experience in cyber security to get ready for the CEH certification. Register for our CEH certification training program and advance your skill right away!

  1. Information Security and Ethical Hacking Overview 
  2. Reconnaissance Techniques 
  3. System Hacking Phases and Attack Techniques 
  4. Network and Perimeter Hacking 
  5. Web Application Hacking 
  6. Wireless Network Hacking 
  7. Mobile Platform, IoT, and OT Hacking
  8. Cloud Computing 
  9. Cryptography 
  • Prove Your Knowledge
  • Earn the Industry Standard
  • Get Your Foot in the Door
  • Make an Impact
  • Progress Along a Career Roadmap
  • Expect Success with CEH Certification

Training fee for this promo period is ₦50,000

(Weekdays):  Call To Make Enquiries

(Weekends):     Call To Make Enquiries

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